HOW CHRISTIANITY HAS COLLECTIVELY COME TO AGREE with an academic Scientism which claims it knows better than God, I cannot say. But this is the soggy marsh by which we’ve fooled ourselves into building God’s kingdom upon, having conceded to the itching ears and salivating mouths of godless philosophers that ‘not all of the Holy Scriptures are so firm a foundation as we once thought,’ and just look around—western civilization is clearly no better for it. The theology of Flat Earth is inseparable from the Bible’s many other fundamental doctrines because God Himself spoke of it—which makes it of equal importance, if not greater still.

Martin Luther and his Reformer brethren held fast to their position. Future generation did not. We were born into the muck and the mire of such humanists catacombs, and if we successfully clamored out into the illuminating light which only God can give, and if we have freed ourselves from the shackles of deceit, it’s because we entrusted the Word—not men, as a lamp unto our feet and a light until our path—and nothing else. The doctrine of “Sola Scriptura!” insists that God has given us a surer word. It takes a strict stance against the vanity of worldly philosophies, human tradition, or counter-revelation by men of the cloth, even those deriving from the halls of Science, if and when they oppose the Lord’s own testimony concerning Him. That sure Word which we hold in our hands is a light-bearer into the glorious reality of eternity itself. The Holy Ghost is not so frivolous a poet—a title sporadically assigned by men who feel His wording does not apply to their higher understandings—as to keep us guessing in the fog of confusion with a plurality of possible meanings. What He has revealed is sure and fundamentally true.

The moral views regarding the universe always have been and will forevermore continue to be, if we simply brace ourselves like men, put forward by God Almighty. The theology of Flat Earth is indispensable to correct views of the Lord Himself, and with good reason. Whenever human souls depart from God’s unbending principle, as is evident from this “renaissance of man,” or the illuminated parade of humanism unfolding before us, they invariably end by departing from Him—eternally.


Avoid Science So Falsely Called (book cover)

Avoid Science Falsely So Called: Flat Earth, the Reformation, & the Science Delusion is available for purchase at Thanks to everyone who exhibited such patience while this undertaking was accomplished. And special thanks are especially needed for those personally involved—particularly Cathy and Zen. Our meeting was nothing short of a divine appointment.

This entire experience has been a trial by fire. From the very beginning, and even this week, upon its conclusion; Avoid Science Falsely So Called certainly didn’t come without personal sacrifice—and loss. Among the ever-increasing push back, something which I had once thought unfathomable, my faith has not only been tested, but in this act of obedience to the LORD, it has expanded without measure.

God will not be mocked. His Word is true.

Trust in the LORD.




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