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PERHAPS THE GREATEST HYPOCRISY OF THIS AGE can only be realized once we wake from our terrible delusion and, fully lathered and soaped-up—having removed the filth of the globe from our pores—we observe the so-called man of God wearing the spectacles of a “Creationist,” who pampers us with his “opposition to Darwinism,” as if the two are pitching their tents separately in camps of darkness and light. And yet the passing sun, which casts the light of God’s Word down upon the Earth so firmly fixed below our feet, transparently reveals whom Science has chosen as its dancing partner—and it wasn’t God. His partner was, and still is, the mystery schools of Greece and ancient Babylon.

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This is the true brilliance behind the many villainous men whom we have been warned to keep away from. They are never identified in a practically threatening way as someone we might possibly know or confide our faith in where the public forum of wealth, power, and influence is concerned. Except these faceless men, as reputation would have them, whoever they might truly be, are assigned the odd attributes of having attained occultist knowledge, and are even insinuated to be hiding in the cracks and gutters of a cockroach home rather than plain sight, where we might identify them and hang them from a noose. Children beware, come Halloween night! This is their true brilliance; that the warning is first advertised by those very men themselves, who in reality are never lurking but always wickedly ascending to the heights of heaven, having convinced us to bare our trust in them, take their hands, and follow their guidance into the very hell and brimstone utopia in which they seek to create and ultimately enslave us with.

In case you haven’t met, I introduce to you a man by the name of Hermes Trismegistus—father of Hermetism. The saintly Augustine falsely attributed him as being a wise pagan prophet who foresaw the coming of Christianity, though he most certainly was a pagan. Ralph Waldo Emerson would agree with Augustine, as Hermes proved to be a Transcendentalists dream, though it was Thomas Aquinas who exalted his defective affection for Hermetism well beyond apostasy by attributing his secret occultist knowledge to the Trinity. These are strange beliefs indeed, considering Hermes and his later school of Hermetism, which infiltrated Christianity in Alexandria from the very beginning, claimed hidden knowledge of the entire universe, a self-appointed wisdom mainly divided up into three parts—alchemy, astrology, and theurgy. They are all three recipes for performance witchcraft.

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Should I believe the renowned Scientists of our modern faith—all of whom will remain unmentioned here—claiming the goodness in Enlightenment Science (but of Darwinism, beware! Beware!) by fingering such God-fearing men as Sir Isaac Newton, proof of its goodness! They will sadly direct you to his wealth of theological writings, nothing more than a smoke and mirrors distraction from the Hermetic Science and Kabbalistic texts lovingly clung to his bosom and which attributed to the discoveries of the hidden ideas he sought to expose and later successfully promoted—and which our Copernican “Creationist” brethren uphold as the attributes of God discovered. By accepting his premise of gravity, that mystical force which cannot be tested nor understood nor explained by our most exalted Elite but demands our full unfledged faith in order for the logic of the globe to remain, we each become active members with the ritual of ascension. To call gravity a hoax would be an injustice to the Hermetic principles of magic which it seeks to evoke.

The great music and art of the Renaissance which I once so publicly praised side-saddles the Judeo-Christian faith with the pagan, all attributing itself to the explosion of Hermetic, mainly the “true-theology” of Hermetism, whereas all religions were purported to have been given by God to man in antiquity. By convincing us witchcraft can only be found among the fictional cauldrons of a Shakespearean tragedy or that we need not venture any further beyond the Ouija board in order to keep clear of the reality behind it, we have been fed a cleverly deceptive partial-truth by the spoonful in order to create the most clever and wicked diversion. The greatest pronunciation of witchcraft is in the stage performance, on the television if you will, not the cauldron, whereas the audience participates by their very belief in what is being acted out.

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They have been seeking to manipulate nature all along—the Darwinist and the Copernican. Anyone participating in Hermetic Science, nature in the end must be manipulated. We are not instructed by God to manipulate anything. So too has the kabbalah of astronomy been seeking to manipulate the heavens and hide the goodness of God. If there be a Manifest Destiny in all of this, NASA receives the ribbon for overachievers. All that is attributed to the long dreaded New World Order and Mystery Babylon religion with the advent of post-modernism has been functioning healthy and strong since the beginning, as in the very beginning. The Beast isn’t coming. It’s been here right in front of our face. And I’m sick of it.

I’m sick of the lies. I’m sick of the arrogance. I’m sick of the worship of wisdom and knowledge and wealth and education and celebrity-status and pride. I’m sick of the ritualistic magic which I am expected to participate in. I’m sick of the narrative and Hollywood and the scripted MSM. I’m sick of the willing blindness in my own Christian camp. I’m sick and tired of those who convince themselves Yeshua is a part of this. I’m sick of this adulterous love affair with the beast system. I’m sick of it.

And to my Lord I ask, come Yeshua Hamashiach, come soon—and end this present darkness once and for all.

Maranatha from Prince Edward Island!



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